Friday, November 30, 2007

Crazy busy time of year...

Whew - what a week. I moved into the house next door - what a hassle it is to move, but now I have 3x as much space, I can't wait to have some raging dinner parties here! The new house was built in the 1920s and is a big A frame, so high ceilings, beautiful hardwoods - a lot of modern updates though the house still has a ton of character.

Next, I am jumping on a flight to northern California at 6:30am tomorrow and will return Friday evening. IF I can find my camera - I know it's somewhere around here (soo many boxes and piles to organize yet) I'll update the blog from California. My itinerary is packed full, hoping to mix in a little social time with dear friends while visiting. After hanging with my friends in the food and wine biz out there, I'm always left so inspired!

I love Texas, but man I miss California. Check in later - I'll at least update you with some new tasting notes...I'm excited to taste the LIOCO Pinot Noirs that are being released very soon! Cheers - Ali

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