Friday, November 09, 2007


Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rainey from Fort Worth,Texas!

Two little love birds sitting in a tree...

Last Tuesday night, about 10 minutes after sitting down to dinner at York St. in Dallas' Lakewood district, Ray and his beautiful bride walked in for a celebratory dinner .
I just saw Ray the day before while working with Veritas Imports and Monique Fillioux - a Cognac producer from France.

During dinner I chatted with the host of York St. who whispered "you know they just got married today!", how exciting! So we all finished our glorious meal that Sharon (the chef & owner) created for us...then
Ray let the cat out of the bag himself! Congrats to you both!

I've known Ray for years now and he has been a great supporter of all things TexaCali Wine Co. Stop in to Kings on Berry Street and give Ray a whopping congratulations while
you pick up a few bottles of oh let's say....Crios, Cloverdale Ranch and Handley Cellars!

Cheers and Best Wishes! ALI

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