Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Napa Valley's Pine Ridge featured today and tomorrow on Rue La La.  I'm personally excited about this one, my first trip ever (years ago!) to Napa included a visit to Pine Ridge - I still remember tasting wines out under their beautiful trees and garden at the winery. 

The Pine Ridge boutique is full of their legendary whites and reds, also includes a first-ever inaugural release Tessitura which is a Bordeaux style blend.  If you aren't a member of Rue La La yet - feel free to ask me for an invitation to jump on this great offering from Pine Ridge!  Cheers - Ali

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breaking Down "Wine Social Media"

My top post of the year in regards to "views"...going on approx. 4,000 so far.  Original post last January

Twitter = I need a glass of wine. 

Facebook = You gotta see this glass of wine I'm having!

Foursquare = I'm having a glass of wine here. 

Quora = Why am I having a glass of wine? 

Youtube = Check out the dirt this wine comes from &/or watch me drink this wine.

LinkedIn = I drink wine very well.

Simple...are you following, a fan of, joining me, watching me or linkin to me?  

Cheers, "TexaCali Ali" 

PS: "Google" me, I'm mostly socializing online about damn good wine.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sonoma County Winecountry

...a gorgeous Russian River AVA view out of the west cellar door at Copain this afternoon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rue La La

After an exciting wine boutique this past week for Niner Estates,  I'm happy to report that Treana Winery from Hope Family Wines is in the spotlight on Rue La La.   As you may or may not know by now, I'm lending a hand in curating the weekly "wine boutiques" on the private sale website Rue La La.   It's so fun to be attached to the fashion and travel world, wine is the perfect pairing!  Rue La La has over 4 million members now and continues to be a very powerful national brand builder for wineries who would like to increase their direct to consumer sales channel.   

Here's a link to my first time behind the scenes in Boston while visiting Rue La La headquarters.

The Treana collection goes live this Wednesday morning, take advantage of this premium offering, who's been one of my favorites from Paso Robles for many years now. Shoot me an email if you'd like an invitation to join Rue La La & see what all the wine-buzz is about! Cheers! TexaCali Ali

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Friday, July 08, 2011

Traveling along the TexaCali Wine Trail.

This summer is full of adventures in Northern California for me and for many TexaCali Fans!   The calendar has been full  - 7 days a week Texans are exploring the California wine country and I am very honored to help point a few in a right direction.  I've been helping out folks for years now with their trips out here,  my wish is to make certain their time is spent wisely with the right wineries for a fabulous wine country experience.  This is how it goes down...

Oh Alison, this information is so incredibly helpful!! I just made reservations for River's End and couldn't be more excited! We would be honored to receive a "special tasting" if it's not too much trouble on your end. I'm just so thrilled to go to Davis Family Vineyards and Medlock Ames! They had a huge part in me selecting northern Sonoma over the other regions. I've read so much about them on your blog and I can't wait to visit and try their wines. I really appreciate the suggestions you gave us. With our time being somewhat limited, it's helpful to be pointed in a direction from someone who knows!

and after their trip....

I can't thank you enough for your fabulous recommendations! We were able to get to most of your winery selections and REALLY loved them all.  I really, I mean really loved Copain's wines. They were literally 4 minutes from the cottage where we were staying! I really loved all their wines and the facility was beyond gorgeous. Kenny at Medlock was our last winery of the trip and he was a blast! We thoroughly enjoyed him and would love to be included in any "launch" activities you might help him plan here in Texas... we got a lot of personal attention and a very nice wine/food pairing as well.

We also did the canopy/zip lining through the Redwoods that you recommended and that was fantastic. Such a great way to see the Redwoods and get some activity as well. Our last night there we went to River's End for dinner and WOW, you weren't kidding about the view! The food was fantastic as well. My husband had the Elk and it was fabulous, but I had the salmon and it was to die for. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us plan a wonderful vacation. I had no idea just how gorgeous it is up there. I was seriously in awe at every turn! 

Thank you again for everything!   - The Wilburns Traveling from Houston

I love it!  Wine like music for me evokes memories and I'm glad to have a part in creating a few for you all...Cheers - Ali