Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Game Changers

A profound 2014 it was - the good, the frustrating, the brilliant... blah blah blah. However, the biggest Game Changer in 2014 for this gal was the photograph and 2 Apps that fueled the game. 

I snapped over 15,000 photos in 2014 and posted a few thousand for the world to see.  In many ways photos helped me understand myself a little more, provided insight to others and gave birth to a new non-profit organization under my watch.

Instagram: I've been @texacaliali since the very beginning of Instagram and have used it almost daily since. This year @smithstorywines, @sandwichthedoodle and @socksforsandwich all went live. Instagram is full of interaction with a curious twist, a simple networker perhaps, an impactful storyteller of sorts.  I've made hundreds (well maybe thousands of new friends), observed new babies on earth, happy times, sad times and traveled to remote places I'll most likely never see in person...too many things to type really, just login and notice. 

Look up, look around, look what's right in front of you. Share. 

SIDE BAR: Socks for Sandwich and  @socksforsandwich was born on Instagram and went live during the Thanksgiving Holiday. For every #socksforsandwich photo tagged with a living-thing that is wearing a pair of socks -  we'll donate a NEW pair of socks to anyone in need.  Near 400 pairs of NEW socks were donated (mailed!) to us in less than 6 weeks - thanks to Instagram for providing a platform to show how giving to others can be easy and fun. We are just getting started here...

The Delectable App:  Of all the wine-apps and tools I've clunked around on over the years, by far Delectable is the best of the best.  The App can be used for many reasons, I began this year to catalog wines that I've tasted. But in 12-months time, Delectable has become so much more in terms of helping in business. A week hasn't passed in months that I haven't found myself looking at Delectable with a wine buyer about a wine or two.  

The Delectable App is a powerful tool both for the wine consumer and the wine trade for certain.  Not just for wine geeks who find pleasure in big-word wine descriptions - create an account, post your wines, read, click around...learn something new.

I'm closing 2014 (such an ass-kicker of a year) with big plans ahead -  2015 is already shaping up to be a sweet one. Thanks for coming along...Best wishes to you all for a kind, beautiful, generous and fabulous New Year.  See ya around, TexaCali Ali

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You probably aren't drinking...

these 4 California white wines because they are made in tiny amounts. However, they can be purchased from your favorite fine wine shop or through the winery website...finding them will be worth your while! 

What a year, I probably tasted 600+ wines over the last 12 months... here's a short list that stood out - a few wineries that I officially help via TexaCali Wine Co., a few I help by drinking every drop I can get my hands on. 
Alder Springs Vineyard

This is a VERY short list! Soooo many great bottles are on my long list, but  for now I must share a few with you since #sharingiscaring at the very least.  
Cheers!  - TexaCali Ali

Alder Springs Apex 39 -  only 156 cases produced from 100% Estate fruit from vineyards that grow near 3000 ft. above sea level. I've always fallen for a well made white Rhone wine, this blend of 54% Roussanne, 29% Marsanne and 17% Viognier never disappoints. Glad to see Alder Springs Vineyard in National distribution in 2015. $45

2013 Mark David "Transitus" Sauvignon Blanc:  I first had a sip of this beauty in the heat of summer, sweating bullets down my face and the "Transitus" saved the day. It continued to save dinner as well, perfect with roasted lemon chicken. A richer style Sauvignon Blanc made from beautiful single vineyard Rutherford fruit in the Napa Valley. Mark and David made about 315 cases...thankfully, I have 2 bottles left in my stash.  $24

2012/13 Farmers Jane Field White - about 19 barrels produced from a combination of old vine Grenache Blanc, Albarino and Verdelho from the Suisun Valley. Perfect on the the Sonoma Coast pictured here.  Man that was a great afternoon with my dear friend Angie too! $24

2012 Liquid Farm White Hill Chardonnay
I drink a fair amount of really good chardonnay, this bottle blows my mind each time I am lucky enough to have a glass full. There's something about the texture that I completely's a good "tweener" for those who like a full-bodied white and those who don't. I'm sure the 2013 is just as brilliant and I can't wait to taste. $40