Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving - oh the day everyone in wine sales lives for! We wine pros talk about "Thanksgiving Wines" all year long - trust me, I've had my line-up set for months now.

Over the years I've made some knock-out wine memories with dear friends and family. Champagne at noon, whites about the time the Cowboy/49ner game starts then into favorite pinot noirs with the Turkey.

The first year I lived in San Francisco, my entire family flew out and we spent the day in Napa - had a beautiful dinner at the Napa Valley Grill. Thanks to dear old Mom's anti-drinking ways, after a nice solid wine dinner we were driven back to my house in Pac Heights safely!

I think the best Thanksgiving Day I've ever had ended in the backyard of a beautiful home in Saratoga, California - we all huddled on a sprawling deck over looking the family vineya
rd trading stories about life, love and careers while sipping on port to keep us warm. I recall wandering off to sleep in the guest room that night in an old antique "the diamond" bed. Legend was - the bed was passed down a few generations and at one point had secret little compartments hollowed out that stored the family jewels for safe keeping. Never found the diamonds or any family jewels, sure made a sweet memory though. Perhaps my favorite guest room of all time.

This year I'm just flat thankful for all you TexaCali Wine Trail followers - especially you folks that buy wines from all the producers of TexaCali Wine Co. Without your loyal support, I certainly wouldn't be livin' the dream - and for that I will never be able to thank you enough! Cheers to a great Thanksgiving Holiday everyone! - Ali

PS - the real reason all wine pros love Thanksgiving - we get the day officially off!

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