Sunday, November 25, 2007

The transportation supply chain...

Almost every time I walk into a wine retailer and restaurant I think to myself "if these folks around me only knew how hard it is to get the wine in here". Well, without going into all the people it takes, here's a window into the transportation side...

Wine and Sake from outside North America have to take a ride on a ship, that's after the product is picked up from the winery or brewery by a truck, dropped off to the shipper, placed into a container, lifted onto a boat, sailed across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, picked up by another truck then driven and dropped off to a warehouse usually on the west or east coat, THEN picked up by a Texas trucking company headed back to Texas, unloaded in the distributor warehouse, THEN re-loaded to an account THEN FINALLY bought by you and opened either in a restaurant or your dinner table at home. So just one of the reasons why I respect every bottle of wine that crosses my own path... Cheers - ALI

Photo credit:
Frederic Larson, a photojournalist at the San Francisco Chronicle

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