Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cognac anyone?

Since I'm spending the next few days with Monique Fillioux in Dallas and I've been reading up! Here's a great article in Forbes magazine that keeps things clear and simple for us all to understand the world of Cognac a little more... Cheers! ALI

Cognac Q&A

Why is cognac special? Like all brandies, cognac is distilled from wine. What makes cognac unique is a combination of three factors: the climate and quality of the land, the distillation method, and the skill of the master blender.

Where is cognac made? Cognac is made in the regions around the town of Cognac in the d├ępartements of Charentes and Charentes-Maritimes in the western part of France. The climate--which has an average annual temperature of 56F--and chalky soil are ideally suited to the growth of low-alcohol grapes from which cognac is made. READ MORE

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