Tuesday, May 17, 2011

758 blog posts later...

No time to write a long one this evening, but want to say thank you to everyone following this blog...
The TexaCali Wine Trail is going on 7 years now - May 2005 The TexaCali Wine Trail began!  It's been nothing but pure fun to write and babble about this crazy wine trek I've been on and continue to climb through. I must have read over the words listed above on the header a few thousand times since 2005 "Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do", thank God there have been more fabulous days than rough ones (but man the rough ones were real doozies).

The next chapter is a big one for this gal, helping wineries sell and market their wines is exactly what I love to do. An exciting time to be in this line of work with all the new online resources, communication tools and whopping amount of folks drinking wine in America these days. The Cali in TexaCali Ali is building momentum and I'm well on my way with both feet on the ground and a big determined smile on my face. But about the blog...

A few TexaCali Wine Trail facts May 2005-May 2011
  • As far as I know, this was the first wine-ish blog in Texas!
  • Top keyword wine search: Crios Malbec, Davis Family Vineyards a distant 2nd.
  • America, UK and Germany are the top 3 countries readers come from.  Texas of course being the #1 place people read this blog from, California now on it's tail.
  • Google is the #1 referral site, but Twitter and Facebook have made a HUGE difference in referral traffic.
  • #1 read post over the past year: http://texacaliwinetrail.blogspot.com/2011/01/breaking-down-wine-social-media.html
  • TOP overall keyword search: TexaCali Ali, Eric Solomon taking the #2 spot since 2009 though.
So - hoping for a cool redesign soon on here, it's hit the big-time now in our world of wine & beyond.  A great big thank you for being here every post of the way. Seriously - just look at all those posts over there on the right side of the page you've read!  You keep me keepin' on and I'm just getting started.  Cheers, Ali

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