Monday, May 02, 2011

20 Days In May for June

Dearest TexaCali Wine Trail Fans,  an urgent request from my heart tonight.

A few months ago my dear friend June suffered through a heart attack without health insurance to cover her medical expenses.   I am dedicating the first 20 days of May to lovable June in an effort to raise $22,000. 

Will you please donate $20 to help my dear friend June Lanoil today? 

Our group of friends in California have committed to asking 50 folks each, we hope to reach a goal of $22,000 by May 20 - $20 at a time.  June is a shining star in my life and in the lives of so many others and we are so very thankful to see her recovery going well.  

A very safe and easy way to donate your $20 bucks is here along with June's story:

Thank you so much for your donation and of course you are welcome to copy to your Facebook page, Tweet it and/or email this post along, every $20 WILL make a difference.

Cheers to 20 days in May for June - the Queen of Hearts!!


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