Saturday, September 15, 2007

Favorite ACL show on Friday

I turned off my computer around 5pm and walked down to the ACL Festival with friends - the scorching sun in our face until 7:30 with 100% humidity on the grounds of ACL. UGH. My hair was bigger than Texas.

But whatever - I discovered an incredible group "Gotan Project" from Argentina and Paris! This was the show of the night as far as I'm concerned, MIA was really cool, but these folks brought the best of old and new school together with POWER and Elegance! Everyone was doing "The Tango" - soo fun! Those of you attending my "Luca and Tikal BBQ" next Saturday will have a nice long chance of hearing the Gotan Project - it is now the theme music of the night! Cheers - ALI

Watch the video here

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Erika said...

Ok, Gotan project is full of sound, but watching Ethan's face during Bjork was priceless. We made it through 4 songs together backstage, with her horn section that was dressed a la teletubbies with facepaint and playing french horns that was pretty cool.

This BBQ is going to rock.