Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day Is Here!

Oh Yeah! You know what Opening Day really means? Spring has Sprung, time to fire up the BBQ's and enjoy the warm (not hot yet) Texas sunshine! Of course, being from Texas and I must admit to uncorking my favorite bottle AFTER a nice and tasty cold beer to celebrate Opening Day in true Texas spirit.

Here are a few "Opening Day" Wine Suggestions we should all do-a-little-dance about hearing the crack-of-the-bat".

Crios Torrontes $14.99 (light, bright and refreshing white wine from Susana Balbo)

Handley Chardonnay $20 (beautifully soft texture with a hint of vanilla)

Pellegrini Carignan $19 (big berry fruit without any tannins)

Cloverdale Ranch Merlot $19 (Perfect with a juicy burger hot off the grill)

Fort Ross Symposium $22 (complex blend of Pinot Noir and Pinotage - lighter in style, so this would go terrific with grilled salmon)

Block 16 $50 (a superior cabernet blend from Napa, open this one for your closest friends if you dare to share!)

Cheers to Opening Day! Alison

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