Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Last Night In Houston

A special thanks to Michael L. and Julie B. for kickin' in full gear last night during the downtown Spec's "Tuesday Tasting". TexaCali Wine Co. was represented quite well with Eloise Sauvignon Blanc, Tikal Patriota, Olivet Lane Pinot and Chardonnay.

Terrific to meet all the wonderful Spec's customers at the event, the feedback on the wines were and are very appreciated - "Ali, 5 stars on the Tikal","Eloise is a great value - I'm taking a case home", "oh the Olivet Lane wines stole the show tonight, what beautiful wines and we love the price!"...just a few comments I parked in my memory bank to share today with the world.

Customer tastings are my very favorite part of TexaCali Wine Co., I love - I'm talking love it!! Nothing beats a smile on a strangers face after they sip one of my wine treasures. Thanks for making my late drive back to Austin a pleasure indeed.
Cheers - Ali

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