Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Many new photos and wine experiences to share from the past 7 days, but I can't bring myself to be all chipperooski about them due to all the horrific events happening to and in the country of Japan.  Just not relevant.  Many of you know along with fine wine from all over the world, I dedicated myself for a handful of years to teaching the state of Texas about Japanese Sake.  Premium Ginjo Sake made by families from all corners, nooks, stream, rivers and mountains throughout Japan. 

In 2006 I was honored to travel to Japan & meet these highly regarded Japanese Sake Brewers and experience the reverence & beauty of their legendary craft...each warm smile, respectful bow and generous spirit propelled me each day to spread their passion.  Today, I pray for their safety, strength, and their beautiful country tonight with a heavy heart.   A few posts from the past highlighting some of my favorite Japanese people, memories and of course incredible Ginjo Sake. 

- Ali ( I miss Mr. T the most!!, March 16, 2010)

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