Friday, May 07, 2010

In Honor of Mom

Meet "Mom". My Mother taught elementary school for 30 years, retired then within months had a shoulder replaced and a heart attack. I'm so grateful she is here on this planet!

Her Mom & my Grandmother "Theda Jackson" pictured with my Papa here...Grandmother Jackson never spent a day where she wasn't helping others. She was a CPA by day, but had the doors open of her farmhouse in Maypearl, Texas 24/7.

Grandmother made a mean enchilada and always welcomed anyone around to sit down and have a meal with the family. I miss her and wish I knew her in my adult life, I'm pretty sure the tenacity in my soul comes from Grandmother, boy I could use her wise words of wisdom these days.

Even though Mom doesn't drink (oh she's had a few sips), she often helps customers at her local Central Market select the "right bottle of wine" while strolling through the wine department. So Davis Family, Pellegrini and Handley sales are pretty solid there! Mom always asks me about my family wineries and how their business is doing in Texas. Mom cares and is always here for me and my little brother (sometime whether we like it or not). I love you MOM!

One of the great pleasures of helping wineries owned by "real humans" is hearing all about their kids along the way. There are many hours in our week to discuss how the family is doing.

My favorite stories almost always come from Milla Handley of Handley Cellars.

Milla and my Mom have lived very different lives, but they both speak of their kids the same. Proud, excited, bragging a bit, concerned they are making the right choices...all that Mom stuff. Even though she's not the winemaker, Susan Pellegrini recently reached out to me with some solid "mom advice" for this new bride.

Moms are our rock.

So, next time you pick up a bottle of wine, you just might be honoring a Mom. Families are the reason we have wine in this world and families are counting on us to keep their business moving forward.

Thank you Mom and thanks to all the fans of TexaCali Wine Co. producers for making mindful choices this Mother's Day. I'll be in Austin helping promote Handley Cellars and Lange Estate especially. Happy Mother's Day to all! Cheers - Ali

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a sweet "Honor Mom" blog written today. You made my weekend. I too miss my mom, but feel as if she is looking over my shoulder and guiding me. She would have been so excited to see how you've grown as a young woman. I am honored that you placed my picture on the blog along with yours and Eric's. This was very special and I'll always remember the kind words. Love you!