Sunday, October 04, 2009

Next...Holiday Bubbles!

Whew - made it through last week, just barely though during my last hour of driving yesterday to train the fine staff of MIZU in west Austin. Cheers to Matt Licklider of LIOCO for his time in Texas last week as well as Luis and Santiago from Argentina to blow through Austin for us last Tuesday.
Resting a bit this morning - well finally working on my wedding video from July and Thank You cards. I've managed to shove off all my personal things to do for over 2 months now. Tonight I'm heading out to see Bon Iver at the Paramount in Austin. 2 tickets for me and Eric given by our close friends Carson & Jen, I've been looking forward to this show so much!

This week, a very special guest will be visiting Austin, Dallas and Houston from Spain. I've been sipping on this beautiful aged Cava for years. From the Solomon website " Gramona’s history is long and storied and the property has been a quality reference point in the zone for decades. As far back as 1816 a member of the family has been making wine in the Penedes. 1921 marks the year when the Gramona name began to be put on bottles of “Cava Champagne”. Today, the house is one of the few remaining family-owned estates in the region, with many having been bought by large companies.

At Gramona, time is never an issue. The wines receive perhaps the longest average ageing than any other cava and are never released until they are pristine. 70% of the cavas produced in the zone are released after 9 months. Gramona ages a minimum of 18 months, and an average of 4 years.

Gramona is, unfortunately, one of the last remaining family-owned cava houses of the Penedes. Here, elderly ladies from the village carefully wrap each bottle before being packed for transport and the entire operation is carried out by people who love the family and the estate."

Visit the website here: Cheers - Ali

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