Friday, October 09, 2009

News from Block 7 Wine Co. in Houston

This week's Saturday Tasting...Sake to me

Join Block 7 every Saturday from 2-5pm for a free tasting in our retail store. This week, get educated on Japan's historical beverage from sake expert, Alison Smith ("TexaCali Ali" or @texacaliali on twitter). Taste through 4 different styles of sake and learn the history and production techniques of this great drink.

Sake included in the tasting are:

Takasago Ginga Shizuku, “Divine Droplets”, Junmai Daiginjo
300 ml - Bottle Price $34.99 / Case Price $31.39

Sato No Homari, “Pride of the Village”, Junmai Ginjo
300 ml - Bottle Price $25.99 / Case Price $23.99

Rihaku, “Wandering Poet”, Junmai Ginjo
300ml - Bottle Price $17.99 / Case Price $16.19

Tozai, “Snow Maiden”, Junmai Nigori
300ml - Bottle Price $12.99 / Case Price $11.59

Wanna brush up on your sake education before the tasting? Check out some tips on Vine Connections Japanese Sake Education Center.

*Any 12 bottles at Block 7 can be purchased at the case price. We encourage you to expand your palate and mix and match.


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