Sunday, February 08, 2009

In the New York Times today...

"36 Hours in Dallas"

People ask me all the time how I like living in Austin, there's this really big eyebrow raising facial expression that happens when this is asked. I admit, I usually say, "Oh I love it. Austin is so beautiful, but you know, I never thought I'd think this, but there are many reasons that make me miss living in Dallas very much." Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my feet are firmly planted in the Capital of Texas, but when I'm in Dallas, I do feel an increased level of energy - maybe it's nostalgia maybe it's just the pure business drive that seeps into every minute I'm there...people in Dallas are out wheeling and dealing all of the time! Gone are the days of "JR and Bobby" - I see many more Cowboys in Houston these days.

Please take a few minutes to read the quite- spot-on NY Times article - it points out some of my very own reasons why Dallas always remains close to my Texas heart...from
The Belmont (my home away from Austin) to Dean Fearings place at the Ritz, all the Argentine wine offerings at La Duni and the article even mentions the premium "sake" list at the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant " Fifty-Six" towering over the Dallas Skyline. Just don't ask me about the "Rich Hippie Shop" - chances are extremely solid that you'll never see me there, Cheers - Ali

Pictured: Top Right: View from the Terrace at The Belmont. Bottom Left: The Gallery Dining room at Fearings - the very table I shared with "my love" over a wonderful dinner and even better bottle of Domaine Jo Pithon Savenierres!

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