Friday, October 24, 2008

TGIF - Sorta

"Oh no, I don't drink white wine", said to me by a women that could easily win the "biggest hair in Texas award" a few days ago. Jeesh. Just when I think barriers have been broken, corners have been turned, minds have expanded and everyone at a wine event "gets it". I am proved wrong. This woman said this to me with a disgusting expression while shaking her I just accused her of buying her jewelry at Kmart. I began telling her that she's missing out, but then just shoved a full bodied, American oaked, Napa Valley Cabernet in her hand and let her be.

There's this column in my life called "the S*&# I have to do to sell a bottle of wine"...she is now listed - maybe close to the very top. I don't have time today to write a 59 page dissertation defending white wine - wish I did, her statement is so offensive to me and to true wine connoisseurs across the universe. But I will walk from this one...
Today is jam packed and will be for the next 3 weeks straight, the temperature outside is a cool 43 degrees which I am thankful for finally! I'm closing on my first home today and moving everything in within hours then off to Wines by the Sea event in South Texas tomorrow night. Surely the
"people down by the Sea" like to drink white wine. : )

In the meantime check out these two bottles you should stock up on this weekend - great values and excellent wine. Please ask your favorite wine shop anywhere in Texas for them - Cheers - Ali

2006 Handley Cellars
Anderson Valley Estate Vineyard $24

The fruit for this Chardonnay comes from Handley's Anderson Valley Estate Vineyard, which was organically certified in 2005. This wine exhibits many of the characteristics you have come to expect from Handley’s Estate Chardonnay: pear aromas and flavors predominate, enhanced by vanilla and a touch of lemon. Texture is an important component in the overall impression of this wine. Its complexity and pleasant acidity will complement rich buttery foods.
A few accolades...
90 POINTSWine & Spirits Magazine (October 2008),
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, California Grapevine (August-September 2008), EXCEPTIONAL Dan Berger's Vintage Experience (September 11, 2008),FOUR STARS - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Santa Rosa Press Democrat - Michele Anna Jordan (September 10, 2008)

In today's SF Chronicle:

2005 Las Rocas de San Alejandro Calatayud Garnacha ($11)

The hook: A gentle, Spanish red for that last warm-weather barbecue.

The details: We're always drawn to this well-balanced Garnacha (or Grenache), for its soft, smooth mouthfeel, good balance between acid and fruit, and low tannins. With rich strawberry on the nose and just a hint of spiciness, it's complex without being overbearing. We'd never guess that it has 14.5 percent alcohol content - it goes down easy with very little heat. Grilled meats, sausages or even chicken would pair well with it. This particular vintage doesn't need anything big and bold food-wise, but would stand up well to dishes with a little bit of spice.

Found at: Whole Foods (San Francisco) Oh and the Wine Advocate gave it 91pts!

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Shadd Scott said...

My mother-in-law (small hair) doesn't drink white wine either. Says it makes her knuckles hurt?