Saturday, October 04, 2008

Drinking Away Your Sorrows?

I'm trying to buy my first home right now, yeah the timing is ridiculous with the credit crunch as a sole proprietor. I've had to provide more financial records to qualify for a mortgage than a Southern Debutant requires from her beau before the Wedding Day. But that's just about the only change I've personally felt from the recent economic mess.

The question I'm asked the most, contemplated, analyzed and had to discuss in great length "has the wine business slowed down for you?". Comparing this year, to last year and even the year before - my brands are hitting record sales numbers in Texas. Call it the "energy bubble" or just a decent cost of living here, but Texans still have plenty to celebrate and continue to do so - with a lot of wine.

However - I'm very lucky to have the lion-share of great value wines made by family winemakers from all corners of the world. A handful of so-called "collectors-wines" still go quickly. A few days ago Slate published
"How has the financial crisis affected the wine world?

I'm just glad Wall St. is in NYC and not in Texas - though I'm mad as hell at the broker who just plunked down 100% cash on a house I finally found in Austin. Wonder if he drinks wine??? - Cheers - Ali

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