Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Holiday Survival Wines

Ah, the holidays are here, peace, love and joy. Well, in keeping things real we all know that holiday family gatherings can also bring on a little stress. Thank God for wine to get us through! For those looking forward to gathering with families and friends and those needing a little patience, the following wines will guarantee pure holiday joy!

$10 Budini Malbec – this cool little sipper from Argentina was just voted a “Top 10 Party Wine from Food and Wine Magazine”. The price won’t break the bank – serve it to your grumpy uncle who always brings over a 1.5 liter of Yellow Tail, you’re doing a great service here by increasing his wine knowledge…talk about the “spirit of giving” - an inexpensive bottle you can drink as well!

$20 Olivet Lane Chardonnay – serve this to your brother-in-law the “wine know-it-all”. Tell him that Olivet Lane is one of the most prestigious vineyards in all of the Russian River in Sonoma County. If he knows anything about wine, he’ll be able to recognize Olivet Lane from producers such as Merry Edwards, Williams-Seylem, Kenwood and Gary Farrell to name a few. By the way – this chardonnay is for those who normally don’t sip this varietal. Very well balanced with many layers – not full of American oak – you actually taste the fruit.

$26 Tikal Patriota – this one comes with an added bonus! Besides the most incredible blend of Bonarda and Malbec, the bottle itself weights about 5 lbs. Might come in handy when the in-laws or that crazy aunt are wearing out their welcome.

$25 Cloverdale Ranch Cabernet – you should buy a case. It’s for all the times your wife says “Honey you spend too much on wine”. We all know what I mean. Hands-down this wine blows away any other Alexander Valley Cabernet made today – even the one with “silver linings” that cost 3 times as much. She will love you for such the cost-cutter!

$20 Handley Anderson Valley Chardonnay – this vineyard is officially certified organic and the wine is full of richness. Save it for your cousins who just flew in from Berkley. This will make them less nervous about visiting Texas. Trust me they are…it’s a harsh world out there in California for Texans thanks to our current White House Staff.

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