Thursday, December 15, 2005

2004 Tikal Patriota

Recently over dinner a very high profile Dallas chef told me he was sorting through his storage warehouse and peaked into a locker across the isle...this fella was taking a few bottles out for a dinner and among all the First Growths, Cali Cult Wine and a few other doozies where big black boxes of Tikal and Luca stood out front and center. The story told by the Chef made me smile for hours - I'm so proud of these wines! No doubt collectors around the state are taking serious care of Argentina's most luscious wines.

Tikal Patriota is absolutely my favorite of all - from the groovy artwork on the outside to the elegant flavors on the inside. Hunt this bottle down - you will become a fan for life - I guarantee. (By the way, the Tikal Patriota is the #1 selling wine among the Tikal and Luca family wines in Texas).

Tasting Notes/Food Pairing Suggestions: Aromas of bright berry/cherry fruit and electric-purple color. Like swallowing a whole bowl of mixed ripe berries at once. Big body yet very balanced, with luscious layers of raspberry, cherry, and cocoa flavors. Just a hint of baking spice at the end brings it all together. Pairs well with grilled meats such as beef and pork, smoked ham, and even pizza with meat toppings. Incredibly fun to drink!

About the Name/Label: Tikal is named after Ernesto's son. Ernesto named this particular wine “Patriota” ( “Patriot”) since Bonarda and Malbec grapes have been at the core of Argentina 's great winemaking tradition since its foundation. The original artwork of this passionate dancing couple was created by Ernesto's close friend and artist, Ariel Mlynarzewicz. Drink up! Ali

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