Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the Love of Bubbles...

 - you must support Bryan and Abby, the couple behind   Put down those Champagne bottles you found at your local grocer folks, Fat Cork has done all the work for you -  picking out great - and I mean fabulous bottles of bubbly for the world to enjoy.  It's all about supporting the small guys "grower champagne" straight to your house now.  I love the passion that creates & drives new opportunities in the wine biz!   You can order any bottle (or 100!) online or visit them in Seattle after scheduling a private appointment with them too.

I get this all-of-the-time - "So what is your favorite wine Ali?",  I always say CHAMPAGNE.  I'm thrilled to have met Bryan a few weeks back at the Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium and learned of his new venture.  BRAVO!! 

I'M A SUCKER FOR A TRUE LOVE STORY: "The story of how Portland native Bryan Maletis began selling Champagne’s finest grower selections to a world wide audience starts with highschool jobs in a distributor’s warehouse and ends with meeting the right woman at the right time."  LOVE!  Read more about them here.

Found on A very special bottle...

Blanc de Blancs Millesime 1996 Premier Cru

This Champagne has been resting peacefully in the Jean-Luc's cellars for the last 14 years, and we are thrilled to offer it to you directly from those cellars. For this amount of age, it is extremely youthful. However, that youth is a prime characteristic of this exceptional vintage that is a rare find these days. The mousse is immaculately white. Hints of candied nuts, toast, and pear lead to a finish of beautiful acidity and minerality that lasts for minutes. This clearly has a future ahead of it, as it will continue to develop for years to come. A very limited selection that will thrill Champagne enthusiasts. 100% Chardonnay

Most of their small producers are new to me, can't wait to start receiving my Fat Cork shipments...

Cheers! Ali

PS. This goes "Why Didn't I think of That?" column in my life. 


WhatDebPours said...

You are right on Ali! I just had my first Gimmonet on Monday (with Hog Island oysters out at Tomales Bay). It was a delight!

Bryan said...

Gimonnet & oysters is a wonderful pairing and it's making my mouth water just thinking about it!

I'm guessing you had a Pierre Gimonnet, my wife and I import his cousin's Champagne, Gimonnet-Oger. They are close neighbors and equally wonderful Champagnes.

Thanks for supporting Fat Cork!