Monday, February 21, 2011

Bar Lamar

Introducing the new "TexaCali Stars" front & center at Whole Foods ATX - the wines of Brack Mountain Wine Co. 

Next time you plan your outing to Whole Foods downtown Austin, please make some time to visit the new and improved wine department.   The team has been working hard for months now to make this yet another place to stop and relax while sipping and eating some very tasty offerings from Whole Foods.  

Taste a sip, a flight, a glass or carafe of wine from these very small production wines from Sonoma County.  Kegs of L'Oliveto Russian River Chardonnay, Ellipses Rose of Pinot Noir, Bench Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and Tramonto Russian River Zinfandel have never left the on-premise world of Northern California until now!  Even better, you can pick up a bottle, case or pallet of each if you like - everyone's walking away a very happy Whole Foods Wine Shopper these days...

This Friday and Saturday afternoon the owners and winemakers of Brack Mountain Wine Co. will be visiting and pulling taps for you all, please stop in to taste this fabulous new selection of wine and give my California friends a big howdy!  We are all incredibly proud to be a partner with Whole Foods! 

Cheers - Ali

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