Thursday, September 03, 2009

name that vine!

Is it Garnacha from Spain? Malbec from Mendoza? Syrah from France? Post your guesses, it's a fun one!

HINT: this was taken from an iphone in July from a producer I represent. Cheers- Ali

UPDATE: Thanks to all the comments on Facebook, Steve Edmunds was the first to guess the correct grapevine - Carignan from Redwood Valley in Mendocino County, California.

Found on "a selection of benchland vineyards in mendocino’s redwood valley compose this wine. the fruit comes from predominately old-vines which are dry-farmed and head-pruned. t
his cool, upland valley supports gradual (and often late) ripening. the soil is red clay strewn with fist sized rocks. the combination of vine age, an extended growing season, and tougher soil conspires to produce complex, intense wines.".

Next Post...2009 Wine & Spirits "Winery of the Year" LIOCO! Cheers - Ali

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