Saturday, September 05, 2009

August 8, 2008

REPLAY. Sipping on some great Davis Family Vineyards wines tonight with a few wine collectors in Austin. Davis Family Vineyards of course - are available in Texas, but if you really want a few treats for your cellar and table, you've got to sign-up for the the "Friends of the Family" here to get the year-round wine goods.

Last week Guy was in Dallas with me as well as his new 2007 releases. PHENOMENAL Vintage for DFV! I'm telling all the TexaCali Inner Circle members to sign up directly with his club or else, these 2007's wines will not be available much longer in regular distribution around here. Supply and demand at its best.

So my point is, invest in the future here and wines you'll
be proud to serve to your dear friends and tell this "dream-come-true" story about. Do you know about his old vine Zinfandel Vineyard at the bottom of this slope? Epic! Enjoy the video I filmed while sipping

glass of DFV Russian River Chardonnay while visiting the Davis Family home last year... Cheers - Ali

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