Friday, June 05, 2009

Trippin' with TexaCali!

Off to visit Spain and see the lovely families and producers who make up the KILLER Solomon Selections Spanish wine portfolio. I've now met many of these folks who've visited America over the past 2 years, it's going to be great to see them at their homes and wineries.  

If you are in the wine trade you know what I'm in for this week. For those who just love to drink good wine, check out the list that I'll be tasting over the next week: (loads of toothpaste required...) Salud! Ali


Espelt "Vailet" Blanco

Espelt "Corali" Rosado

Espelt "Saulo" Tinto

Espelt "Coma Bruna"


Gramona "Gessami"

Gramona Gran Cuvee

Gramona "Imperial"

Gramona "III Lustros"


Tomas Cusine "El Vilosell"

Tomas Cusine "El Vilosell"

Tomas Cusine "Geol"

Tomas Cusine "Geol"


El Perro Verde

L'Origan Zero Dosage

L'Origan Rosat Zero Dosage

Paisajes V

Paisajes VII

Paisajes VIII

Vina al Lado de la Casa



Capcanes Mas Donis Rosat

Capcanes Mas Donis

Capcanes Val de Calas

Capcanes Costers del Gravet

Capcanes Cabrida

Capcanes Cabrida Calissa

Capcanes Pansal de Calas


Mas d'en Compte Blanco

Mas d'en Compte Tinto

Mas d'en Compte Planots

Black Slate (Porrera)


Roquers de Porrera "Marge"

Roquers de Porrera


Terra de Verema "Triumvirat"

Terra de Verema "Corellium"


Closa Batllet Blanco

Closa Batllet Tinto

Closa Batllet "2 Vinyas"

Black Slate (Gratallops)



Conreria Scala Dei Blanco


Lo Givot


Mas Alta "Els Pics"

Mas Alta "Artigas"

Mas Alta "La Basseta"

Mas Alta "La Creu Alta"


Mas Doix "Salanques"

Mas Doix "V.V."



La Bota #16 Manzanilla

La Bota #10 Manzanilla Pasada

La Bota #15 Fino

La Bota #9 Amontillado



Mustiguillo "Mestizaje" Blanco

Mustiguillo "Mestizaje"

Mustiguillo "Finca Terrerazo"

Mustiguillo "Quincah Corral"


Celler del Roure "Les Alcusses"

Celler del Roure "Maduressa"



Casa Castillo Monastrell

Casa Castillo Monastrell

Casa Castillo "Las Gravas"

Casa Castillo "Valtosca"

Casa Castillo "Pie Franco"


Castano Rosado

Castano Monastrell

Castano "Hecula"

Castano "Solanera"

Castano "Casa Cisca"


Sierra Salinas "Mo"

Sierra Salinas "Mira"

Sierra Salinas "1237"

Casa Marta






Ercavio Blanco

Ercavio Rosado

Ercavio Tinto

Ercavio "La Plazuela"

Ercavio "La Plazuela" (1.5L)


Jimenez-Landi "Sotorrondero"

Jimenez-Landi "Pielago"

Jimenez-Landi "Fin del Mundo"

Jimenez-Landi "Cantos del Diablo"

Jimenez-Landi "El Reventon"



Val de Sil "Val de Sil"

Val de Sil "Val de Sil"

Val de Sil "Pezas de Portela"

Val de Sil "Pedruzos"


Losada "Altos de Losada"




Sitios de Bodega "Con Class"

Sitios de Bodega "Verdejo"

Sitios de Bodega "V3"


Pena das Donas "Almalarga"

Pena das Donas "Verdes Matas"

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Shadd Scott said...

Hope you get to taste some Pago del Ama or El Pison!