Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dog Days of Summer...Already??

What are you doing to beat the heat? I'm talking TRIPLE DIGIT TEMPERATURE DAYS around Texas - so soon this summer!!! No fun, unless you have a bottle or two open of the following cool producers - just ask your favorite wine shop...copy, paste and print this list to go!

Lange Estate 'Willamette Valley" Pinot Gris $16

Handley Cellars "Dry Creek" Sauvignon Blanc $16

Crios Torrontes - Argentina $14

Pellegrini "Olivet Lane" Russian River Chardonnay $24

Davis Family Vineyards "Gusto" Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand $18

Dom. L'Hortus Rose - Southern France - $15

Teira Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc $14

San Clodio - Spanish Blanco Blend $20

Lioco Sonoma County "Unoaked" Chardonnay $20


TexaCali Ali said...

more comments on facebook...

Yesterday at 9:31am
You and James like this

Jeff at 9:32am June 23
cold beer?

Heather at 9:38am June 23
a fork and someone serving it to me right now

Jennifer Kat 9:38am June 23

Emma P at 9:45am June 23
a nice red

James at 9:50am June 23
Snails in sherry, lomo, good friends and a cheeky little garnacha!

Alison at 12:06pm June 23
oh good call on the sherry!

Shadd at 2:29pm June 23

Alison at 6:48pm June 23
Godello tonight!

Shadd at 6:52pm June 23
that works:)

Arthur at 7:35pm June 23

Alison Smith said...

oh this was in response to the Spanish Tortilla post below! - Ali