Friday, April 24, 2009

Handley Cellars in the News...

Sierra Magazine (The Sierra Club) has bestowed the Most Green Chardonnay Award to Handley Cellars 2006 Estate Chardonnay, Anderson Valley in its May/June 2009 issue. 

Handley Cellars Estate 2006
Anderson Valley, CA PRICE: $20 TASTING NOTES:
 A yellow-gold wine with a muted apple aroma and an oaky fruit taste, Handley has a "perfect" texture and a
 "luscious" finish (Pucilowski). Hernandez noted its great flexibility and called it a "perfect dinner-party wine that will leave your guests wanting more." Pairing suggestions included eggplant and ric
h pastas. GREEN NOTES: Handley is 75 percent solar powered, avoids using chemicals whenever possible to prevent runoff, and makes its wines from organic grapes.

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Anonymous said...

Handley Chardonnay is our favorite at Lakewood CC in Dallas...where can we purchase this for our home?