Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today, before my attempt at Ashtanga Yoga at 4:30

I'm at Whole Foods downtown Austin talking up the beautiful wines of Domaine Lafage! Stop by the wine department to taste and say hello from 12:30 - to 3pm today.

From the La
fage website - gorgeous! "

A mosaic of catalane terroir.
To represent the quintessence of a region which is said to be a world on its own… that is what Lafage Estate aspires to. It is a region of contrast that has been moulded between the crafty hands of the catharian wind and the Spanish mist, nestled between « mar i muntanya », where the Pyrenees Catalane offers diversity that can hardly be equalled elsewhere.

It is thanks to this heaven-sent eclecticism, and its exposition to the favourable rays of the fervid sun, that a vineyard of excellence has sprouted from the soil of the Lafage Estate . From the marble-and-limestone foundations of the towering Canigou, to the time-smoothed pebbles on the Mediterranean’s edge, progressing through the clay-limestone of the planes to the schist of Agly and situated merely a few yards from the viticulture village Maury, the Lafage Estate was established around the precipitous edges of the Roussillon valleys, on rich and alluvial soil, betwixt the tepid heights and the salty fresh spindrift. A sundry of influences, that ever as much adds to the redolence of the Lafage wines, concordant with the fruit, the unique character of the land and its grape-varieties.

As far as our desire for authenticity is concerned, the Lafage Estate is always on the lookout for new land of character. « We are looking for parcels of altitude, North-facing plantations that can fill up on freshness ». A perpetual quest in this multifarious region that has a sole goal: that of obtaining the perfect harmony in each Lafage Estate wine!"

I'll post tasting notes today - though my mouth is wrecked from tasting, swishing and spitting over 60 wines this week along with Eric Solomon in North Carolina. Tough business this is!! Happy Sunday Afternoon to all... Ali

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