Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chill with Sake this Summer

Ms. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of these creative driven sake producers and perhaps a few pair of their tiny little fashionable shoes…

Kanbara Bride of the Fox – Junmai Ginjo

Enjoy intense aromas of grilled nuts, pistachio, and a hint of white chocolate. Flavors of roast nuts and ripe honeydew explode at the front and finishes crisp with a hint of lingering sweetness.

Mantensei Star-Filled Sky - Tokubetsu Junmai

The nose is led by steamed rice, fresh red plums, and suggestions of roasted peanuts. Bright and lean in the mouth, unlike many Nigori, and the impact is chewy with sweet rice flavors intermingling with the nutty and slightly fruity characteristics of the sake.

Fukucho Moon on the Water – Junmai Ginjo

An extremely rare combination: Miho Imada represents one of the unusual instances in Japan when a brewery owner is also a Toji. She is also one of the few female Tojis in Japan. And if this wasn't unique enough, water in this region is very, very soft in comparison to most sake-brewing regions. This is a major contributor to the
rich taste and feel of Miho's sake.

Tozai Snow Maiden – Nigori

This is fairly thick and chewy nigori (cloudy sake), but it is still surprisingly dry. The aromas are bright and fresh and they show a lovely ricey and fruity combination. In the mouth, this sake has solid weight and gives the same flavors of fresh fruit and creamy fresh rice that your nose told you about. You will rarely taste a classier nigori at this price

Mukune Root of Innocence – Junmai Ginjo

This mellow and round sake reveals cacao powder notes and sandalwood bouquet on the nose. Soft on the palate with gentle acidity that puts the accent on the light spice of white pepper and cedar-like flavors, the finish is clean but encompassing.

Rich, Heartbreaking and Delicious – just like Mr.Big.

Rihaku Dreamy Clouds- Nigori

Rihaku is proud to boast the highest average rice milling rate of all Japanese breweries. This sake is a good example why—while it is already unusual to produce high-quality nigori at the Tokubetsu Junmai grade, Rihaku's goes one better by making a Dreamy Clouds that goes beyond the minimum, and could technically qualify as a Junmai Ginjo grade nigori.

Chiyonosono Sacred Power – Junmai Ginjo

This is a rich, full flavored sake with fresh-cut green grass aromas and hints of tropical fruits with cantaloupe leading by a nose. The mouth feel is silky with mango and baked pear flavors and suggestions of creme brulée, though the sweetness is kind to the palate with excellent acidity leading the way to the finish.

This Summer’s Blockbuster Selection of Ginjo Sake!

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