Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time Flies

This year is pretty wild so far, one hellavu busy one; many epic wine meetings, superstar winemaker dinners, conversations about the world economy of wine, laughing until I cry over the silliest thing while unwinding after a successful wine event, first time sips and introductions, screaming arguments about getting things done correctly - you name it, wild.

2008 is going down in the TexaCali Wine Co. record books for sure merely because for the first time since starting my company all of my producers have "partners" throughout this big-ass state of Texas to support their family businesses. It's taken 3 years of building trust for the sake of a really good - I mean really good bottle of wine reaching a dinner table somewhere in Texas on a nightly basis.
The first 6 months of 2008 have flown, and I'm looking forward to the next 6 months of just selling wine with all the tremendous retail, restaurant and distribution partners of TexaCali Wine Co. I'm blessed to be supported by hundreds of great people these days.

It's an
exciting time, the only thing I am shaking my head at is the price of gas. At $4 a gallon, Austin, Texas will be seeing a lot more of
TexaCali Ali than the other Texas regions. It's serious, my dog-walker just added a $2 surcharge! I finally bought a bike in honor of the TexaCali 3rd year anniversary this month. I soo look forward to spending a few hours a week peddling along side my guy and his new bike instead of talking from behind the wheel while guzzling gas down a Texas highway. Check it out!

Most popular wine this year in the TexaCali Wine Co. portfolio:
Crios Malbec! Most overlooked: Le Claire Gaspard Champagne! Off to see my first Red Rocks show this week in Colorado - a full report next weekend! Cheers - Ali

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