Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Vintage Post

A fan of TexaCali Wine Co. sent me an email today "Hey Ali, I was clicking back through the blog last night, thought you'd get a kick out of this post from Nov. 2005", keep up the hard work - it is certainly making a difference out here.

YEP - I could have written this very same post today - now that is the COOLEST. Check it...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Cool According to ME!

So this is a blog – a blog is forum for free thinking and sharing – right? So I’m free thinking tonight about how many times I’m told each week that I have “the coolest job". Here’s what I’d like to share with the thousands of folks reading this somewhat silly but passionate TexaCali Wine Trail. I totally agree – but the coolest job does not come easy! Stripes have been earned and continue to be proven by many long hours, the whole blood sweat and tears thing for sure. I am blessed, truly blessed to have found a “job” that springs me out of bed each day, pays the bills and makes me look forward to the future every second I’m awake. That is cool in my book.

My greatest challenge with starting and managing my own company is dealing with “gatekeepers” who do not share this same passion of coolness. But big things are on the horizon – a new generation of all things wine are stepping up and making waves all over the world, I’m honored and privileged to be a member of this group – as long as I keep earning my stripes, waking up each day excited to teach and share with others the gift of wine and SAKE that so many families for hundreds of years have allowed me to discover the coolest job on the planet. I'm so grateful! Cheers - Ali

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