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Posted this a few years ago on the TexaCali Wine Trail...Erika just signed on to TexaCali Wine Co. to run Central Texas for me! More on this later...very exciting! - Cheers - Ali

Keep "La Posta-ed"

Meet Erika - she's a PLM, knows her wine, mother of the cutest little boy ever and one of the best wine peeps in the Lone Star State - the real deal!

The following is what is currently on her myspace page for all to see! Enjoy - Ali

Monday, December 11, 2006

Keep "La Posta-ed"
Category: Food and Restaurants

From Mendoza, Argentina comes 3 distinct single vineyard wines. Their name is La Posta del Vinatero , "the tavern of the winegrower". The company that imports them asked the growers to stop selling their spectacular fruit that they used to sell to other wineries to blend, and make single vineyard wines. Two Malbecs and 1 Bonarda. They are all absolutely fantastic. First, the La Posta "Estela Armando" Bonarda Vineyard. 43 yr. old vines, that offer a perfect bacon smokiness, crushed berry fruit and dark chocolate richness that carries through on the palate. AWESOME Bar-b-que wine. It will be on the list at the new LAMBERT'S. Retail $15.99

The more demure "Pizzella Family Vineyard" Malbec makes you feel like you just discovered your first perfume that actually smells good on you, or her as the case may be. Beautiful fruit notes, with hints of sandalwood and spice. Its like a glass of love. Not much left of this one Retail $15.99 And last but certainly not least, the if you want to cheat on another wine, cheat with this one...

La Posta 'Angel Paulucci Vineyard' Malbec 2005 Right out of the bottle animalistic and provocatively wanting to be Spanish. But it comes back home with that crazy mineral, iron rich, salt driven Argentine earthiness, with intense fruit and backbone. I would put this up against 'Anime Negra' for a test drive just to see what happens. It has a great balance you won't find in any other wine for under $20. Retail $17.99 and worth every sipping penny.

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