Monday, December 17, 2007

Keeping the Holidays Weird

So I'm all eyes and ears when conducting in-store wine tastings all year long. But something about the Holidays just makes things so freaky strange at times...a few highlights over this past weekend include:
  1. Listening to the entire Amy Grant Christmas Album 4 times in a row while pouring Argentine wines at Grape Vine Market for 6 hours last Saturday. All I could think about was those countless teenage hours spent in youth choir at the ol baptist church my parents made me go to. I was laughing to myself all afternoon about it.
  2. No kidding - while standing in Whole Foods yesterday, a man walked by with his CAT ON A LEASH, I think he was trying to hide it under his coat, but come on - a CAT ON A LEASH? Freaky.
  3. While at IKEA purchasing a cool new glass-top desk, I was almost knocked off my feet by a group of 6 teenage girls riding and racing each other on those electric shopping carts - they were laughing and screaming all the way and NOBODY at Ikea even gave them a second glance.
  4. I was parked at the very top of the escalator in Whole Foods in Austin yesterday as the welcome committee and the ultimate sampling station while pouring the Crios Malbec. I counted at least 10 people who said "we need to load up on wine, the inlaws are staying with us this year". HA!
  5. Weirdest Holiday gift I've ever seen - "Santa, Reindeer and Snowman Poo" Pez Candy dispensers. I just shake my head back and forth with this one...
Thanks to all of you who bought the beautiful wines I represent over the past weekend - Cheers! Ali

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