Sunday, October 14, 2007

A look inside the wine world of MYSPACE

So all you followers of the TexaCali Wine Trail, there's a whole other universe of online wine loyalists especially for TexaCali Wine Co. Myspace theses days is a great marketing tool for wineries, retailers and restaurants - really a super place to learn about these things on a much more personal level.
you haven't checked out the TexaCali Wine Co. myspace page - go for it. I upload music and pictures all the time. Really much more of a "popculture page" for all things TexaCali Ali. (Unfortunately - you won't find anything too saucy - my overly curious mother checks it out about a thousand times a day. I'm not kidding, it's a habit she started years ago by reading all my "notes" in Jr. High tucked in the back of my bedroom nightstand) Yes Mom - I was on to you back then! Imagine me shaking my head here!
Anyhoo - it's a little edgier to boot. Have some fun and click around today...I just posted some new facts regarding the past few weeks on the internal blog...Cheers - ALI

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