Saturday, October 06, 2007

For all the stylin' guys out there...


Some guys in my office are teaming up on a birthday gift for our boss. Problem is, he has basically everything and can afford anything. Any advice on getting something for the man?

A: It’s not about money; it’s about taste. Buy him something unusual, using your own expertise or that of a connoisseur, say a top wine merchant. How about a case of Crios, a wonderful line of wines crafted in Argentina by master winemaker Susana Balbo? Or a great book, like The Unexpurgated Code by J. P. Donleavy (1975)? It’s the funniest advice book ever written and covers many situations other etiquette books don’t, with chapters on Ass-kissing, Duels, Farting, and the Drunken Lout Loose in the Aircraft. If your boss is intelligent, he will realize that you are, too. Just don’t let the other toadies and trucklers get credit. Business is every man for himself.

September 2007

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