Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Wandering Texan

I had the great opportunity to meet the owner of Rihaku in Austin on Monday. Mr. Tanaka flew into Texas along with a big group of Japanese biz owners who are promoting their partnership of technology and trade with Texas. I had the pleasure of showing him around Austin on Monday and introducing him to key accounts. Also, we had Lunch at Chinatown, who was the first restaurant in Austin to list Ginjo sake on their menu years ago and dinner at Maiko - which was DELICIOUS.

I wish I had a camera phone, no instant pics of the day and event, but this 5'9 Texas girl was standing tall among my new friends from Japan (literally). "Ali, you represent Dom Perignon of Sake", said ALL the JAPANESE travelers to me.

Mr. Tanaka was so kind to have brought over a sake that was bottled on February 8, 2006 - that's last week folks and it tasted like spring! WOW. No wonder his bottles are Texas TOP selling sakes'! Dreamy Clouds in a Nigori (unfiltered) and rich while Wandering Poet is crisp and clear. You can find these bottles at all gourmet food stores and fine wine stores throughout Texas, Central Market has these chilled and ready to sip always! I'm off to Japan next week - so get ready for the launch of upon my return! Can you say GINJO????? Ali

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