Friday, February 10, 2006

Texas is Talking about TexaCali Wines!

WOW! I don't even know how to describe how sensational the "First Annual TexaCali Wine Co. Grand Tastings" went! A few HUNDRED wine buyers and wine VIP's attended all 4 tastings. I must share just a few kind words that were emailed to me this week...Super Cool, TexaCali Wine Co. is making a difference in very significant ways...

Ali, ...Thank you for inviting us to the Grand Tasting in Houston. Your tasting opened our eyes to such beautiful wines...we look forward to uncorking many of them very soon! Also, we love receiving the "TexaCali Inner Circle" news each month, your passionate words are always a joy to read - our entire staff has read your "Grand Tasting Program" at least 3 times over today. Cheers and we look forward to learning more from you in 2006. Sent by "Houston Fine Wine Restaurant Buyer & Sommelier"

I wanted to congratulate you on what you are accomplishing. It was refreshing. I find myself getting a bit bogged down and disinterested in this business from time to time, and at least for now, you got me excited again. Thanks for that. Perhaps it was the atmosphere or getting to talk to Linda Schwartz, a true artist it seems...She is just the sort of person I imagined meeting when I got into all this. Or maybe it was seeing what you've built in such a short time that was inspiring. I'm sure it was a little of each.

Thought you would want to know. All the best to you in 2006. But I really just wanted to say "good job!" From my meager position, you are doing something right. Thanks for the experience! Sent by "Austin Wine Buyer"

Hello Alison,

Monday night's tasting at Reata was terrific. Yes, the wines were good and interesting, and the food super delicious for that kind of affair, but the real core is that you have such a great persona. The wine business is full of all sorts --- some you would like to have at your dinner table and others would be not only terribly uncomfortable, but wouldn't fit the scene at all.

You are a lovely, fun, considerate, appreciative, wholesome, honest, helpful yet direct person. I could have used more complimentary adjectives but then you wouldn't believe me. Really you are a joy to be around and handle yourself with aplome. Go girl go!
Sent by "Food and Wine Writer"

Dear Ali,

Thank you SO much for putting together a dazzling series of Tastings! I think that everyone had a very good time and that many good connections were made. We were so happy to get to know you better and even to get the pleasure of meeting your Mom and Step Dad. They are both so charming - and you are just phenomenal - creative, intelligent, wise, calm and great fun!

I do look forward to continue to work with you,but somehow it just does not seem like work the way you do it! Sent by "TexaCali Wine Co. Winery Client"

reat, it's working. Thank you all for attending and for your ongoing generous support and encouragement. Cheers! Ali

(Pictured is Moreno Panelli of Pellegrini Family of Sonoma Winery, who so kindly flew in for the tastings all week, please stay tuned for more pics and a complete recap on very soon!)

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