Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Beautiful Woman

Interesting enough, there are still way too many wine collectors and consumers who believe fine wine is determined by the price tag. That’s like saying “a woman has to be made of money to be beautiful” or “Beauty is determined by ones’ bank account”. WHATEVER.

Of course there are incredible wines to be had with incredible price tags to match – always have been and will always be. BUT in this day and age, we as wine consumers have the advantage of spending less of our hard-earned dollars on OUTSTANDING wines from all over the world. JEEESH! I don’t do well with “wine-snootty-who-haws” – can you tell?!

TexaCali Wine Trail was brought to you today by the great makers of Tylenol – which is helping me with this nagging headache created by such jackasses who recently turned their noses up at wines that would have blown them away (and would have saved them a little more dough to spend on gasoline to fill their fancy cars with). CHEERS - Ali

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