Sunday, July 10, 2005

Nonstop Wine Talk

So I just wrapped up a full week and weekend of wine meetings, education seminars and in-store wine tastings. Such is the life of running a wine brokerage. I loved every single second of it! I must shout out to the good folks in Fort Worth for enthusiastically tasting and wanting more this weekend! Keep your secret among yourselves – so many of you have a sincere passion for all things wine - toast to you all!

Here’s the list of wine introduced, tasted and sipped over the past week or so – not a single wimp in the bunch!

2002 Cloverdale Ranch Merlot - forget Loser Miles – he is sooo not worthy of ever sipping this Alexander Valley gem! Velvety good.

2002 Cloverdale Ranch Cabernet – eyes popped and lips smacked “oh my gosh – this is incredible”, enough said.

2002 Olivet Lane Estate Pinot Noir– oh lovely fruit and amazing aromas, a gentle beauty.

2001 Olivet Lane Estate Chardonnay – eyes closed you can see the vines of Montrachet!

2003 Pellegrini Russian River “Eight Cousins Vineyard” Zin – Shh! Texas has the last few cases of this little devil – it’ll make you drink more than a glass a day!

2004 Dominique Portet Sauvignon Blanc - oh, this is truly the best $19.99 Aussie white to be found in Texas, one sip and you’ll want a case full (true story!).

2004 Loica Carmenere and Sauvingnon Blanc – brand new to Texas and selling like crazy at Central Markets in Austin and Fort Worth. It’s a smaller project in Chile brought to you buy the great Portet family. Wow – this is my “pool wine” from now on!

2002 Gusto Malbec – Uncorked this Malbec open under the stars while listening to Ft. Worth’s great “Srank Finatra Band”. Complete with a 65 year-old drummer, saxophonist, bassist, pianist, trumpet player and guitar superstar this band rocked – but not as much as the Gusto. Chef Terry says “this wine is AWESOME, this will go with any wild game I shoot myself!”. Found only at Central Market Ft. Worth – oh but Chef Terry came in and bought the shelf out!

2005 Susana Balbo Torrontes - Anyone that likes white wine should give this amazing beauty a try. No kidding, it’s addictive - serve it cold and have a least 2 bottles chilled at all times!

Susana Balbo and Ben Marco wines -
Over 6 current vintages were paired with steak dinners for 9 of the Texas’ most enthusiastic wine buyers. I cannot single out a any individual wine due to each one ROCKING. Susana Balbo is providing the world with incredible wine that is affordable as well as classic representation of each varietal. I predict Susana will be the most well known, eading female wine-maker in all of the world for a very long time! CHEERS - Ali

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