Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Central Market Wine Directors

ARE TOTAL STUDS! Seriously, I've just returned from visiting the San Antonio and Austin stores and have now met the entire wine team for the first time. I am thrilled to know each and every store has more than amazing leadership in the wine department - each department is unique in style and character but run with amazing finesse and with an acute sense of professional wine buying. Too bad I never had a chance to get to know everyone while among this team, it's such a miss that we couldn't have spent more time with each other to synergize and KICK ASS for the sake of providing great wine to Central Market customers. All in all, everyone makes the most of it - and rocks - there is no other team on earth that shines any brighter among thousands of wine bottles, even if they have to shuffle, rebuild and make room for "gourmet" items that are not made from the GREAT GRAPE! Hats off to JR, GEORGE, SETH, SEAN, EZRA, IAN and MARTIN!!! - Ali

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