Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TexaCali Wine Co. in 2014...

I've now put in the time over the past decade learning, living, building and breathing the wine business. Years full of beautiful successes, wines and travel but the beautiful people who've crossed my path have meant the most to me.  Now's the time to make certain that all the niche skills I've honed along the way are put to the best use yet - helping those in the wine business that are truly among my circle of friends.

The first winery on-board is owned by my dear friend Dick Handal, Denier-Handal Wines, a small but rewarding winery that produces vineyard driven Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma County.  Dick and his wife Lisa have known me longer than I've been in the wine industry and have seen me through all the ups and crazy downs over the years.  Dick's daughter Doralice and I were roommates living in the Presidio years ago  - well before she opened The Cheese Shop in Healdsburg.  I often refer to Dick as being my "California Pops".

Denier-Handal Wines have developed a cult following over the years, you'll often find Dick giving personal tastings on their back porch overlooking the Dry Creek Valley. Perhaps my favorite porch of all time too.  Can't wait to spread the word and have you all experience what's in the bottle...

Drink Well.

- TexaCali Ali  (repost from

TexaCali Wine Co. is officially in the business of helping friends in the business.

Dick & Lisa Handal pictured here as special guests at my recent wedding celebration.

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