Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On the Road in Austria

Get Ready to here a lot from me soon about FURMINT!
Written on June 20...posted on the 25th thanks to wonderful wifi access in the Mosel (and a day off from meetings for me!).

Right this very minute, I'm typing from the back seat from a rental car on the way to visit Neumayer in Traisental and then onto the Wachau to visit Holzapfel Day 9 of travel, grateful for hot cappuccinos at the Autogrills at this point. It's been much easier to post photos and fun facts through my phone while connecting to wifi along the way than emailing & firing up the laptop to write unfortunately.  Find TexaCaliAli on Twitter & Instagram if you like.

Vie Vinum in Vienna was incredible, beyond the hundreds of wines tasted, it was a fantastic time with many of the Top Wine Writers,  US Sommeliers, Wine Buyers and Importers.  I'm traveling with Winemonger Imports, who is celebrating over 10 years of representing a premium selection of Austrian, German, Italian and French wines - along with Zalto from Austria in the USA.
Winery Dog at Moric with Winemaker Roland...

Many reviews and photos to come soon,  hoping we'll have a bit of a break while taking a train from Salzburg to Munich on Sunday, then a 5 hour drive on Monday to the Pfalz for a week of visiting German wine producers.

For now, here a few of my favorite photos from the past week in Austria. - TexaCali Ali

The Styria Region in Austria, well known for Sauvignon Blanc.

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