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The Story Behind the Big Cheese of Healdsburg

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Much to my pleasant surprise, a few days ago I clicked on some local news to find this lengthy and incredibly interesting story about my dear friend Doralice Handal.  You've been reading about The Cheese Shop on here for years now...we started our entrepreneurial adventures right about the same time in 2005.  Outrageous to think that a "roommate wanted" Ad on Craigslist in 2003 brought us to gals together.  She's an inspiration to many and good friend to even more.  

Enjoy the read below and don't you ever visit Healdsburg, California without stopping into her store and picking us a few of her many delicious offerings. Her store is like no-other, a treasure of candies, antiques, ice creams, imported goodies and of course all that great Cheese. Cheers to another 7 years of livin' the dream Doralice!   - Ali

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A painful congenital bone disease has sometimes left Doralice Handal on crutches or worse, but it has not prevented her from taking on life at a dead run.
The owner of the well-regarded Healdsburg Cheese Shop has, at only thirty-nine, carved out a niche for her knowledge of food and wine in a place full of culinary experts.
“She is one of the best things we have in Healdsburg,” says Chef Mateo Granados owner of Mateo’s Cocina Latina, who adds he often taps Handal’s cheese wisdom. “I will tell her what kind of salad I’m thinking about and she recommends cheese for me. She knows everything about a cheese. No, she knows everything about everything — and she loves what she does.” Read full article

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