Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Behind Bars

I'm trying to beat the clock today and so far I'm not winning.  I'm referring you all to read The Gray Report  (I've been a follower of Blake Gray's writings for years now) and his words are accurate.  Briefly,  I recall the day this story broke about the fires, many of my former clients wines were destroyed and the days and weeks following the fire were devastating - their history and their future gone.  A heartbreaking time for many.  - Ali

Villian Who Burned Other's Wines Gets 27 Years.

California is releasing 34,000 non-violent prisoners because of a federal court order on overcrowding, which means anybody who commits crimes against property, not people, has a pretty good chance of walking free these days.

Fortunately, the worst wine villain of this millennium was tried in federal court, not state court. Mark Christian Anderson might not serve all of the 27-year sentence he got Tuesday, but it's a pretty good bet that he's had his last glass of wine for at least a decade. Read the full article here

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