Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Zin is IN!

Just in from our friends at Porter-Bass in the heart of the Russian River Region. 

Friday we picked the last of the Zinfandel.  Two weeks ago it was looking like 2011 would be the third year in a row that we would not be able to make any Zinfandel.  Rain had already taken a toll on the already small chardonnay crop.  Fortunately we have had enough warm weather to allow the Zinfandel to ripen which thrills me and the chardonnay that is fermenting is filling the cellar and the house with the most delightful aroma.  It is these moments that make me realize that everything works out in the end.  Read the full article and more happenings at Porter-Bass here:

Oh and a few cases left - easy to purchase & ship directly from the winery. 

2007 Dot's Garden Estate Zin - 48 cases available

2009 Estate Chardonnay - 181 cases available

2009 Estate Pinot Noir - 51 cases available

Love these wines! Cheers - Ali

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