Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cab Franc for Life!

Whew, I tried over a dozen or so bottles of wine during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Most went very well with turkey dinner and all the fixings.  Some standouts from California - 2010 Jelly Jar Rose, 2007 Keller Estate Chardonnay (magnum) and the 2005 Davis Family Vineyards RRV Pinot Noir that I've been saving for a few years. 

On Saturday night, a healthier meal of grilled pork tenderloin and quinoa salad was cooked and paired magically with a 1986 Pierre et Catherine Breton "Perrieres" Bourgueil Cabernet Franc from Loire.  I loved it! Outstanding bright fruit, popping acidity and a touch of spice.  Very fresh tasting - which I didn't expect.

You can find this at K&L Wine Merchants, less than a case available today, don't even question the price - a nice holiday provision for yourself or would be a great stucking stuffer for your special wine collecting (drinking) friends and family members. 

From the K&L website: 

Catherine and Pierre Breton are the real life bon vivants vignerons of lore. They are passionate about what they do, they enjoy sharing it with others, and they entertain with a generosity and charm. That they make great wine with such integrity makes our appreciation of them complete. The Bretons farm eleven hectares of vines just east of Bourgueil in the village of Restigné. Bourgueil are destined for long life in your cellar. A 1964 made for unforgettable drinking in 2008! Each of the Breton cuvées is unique, with differences in soil, vinification, and élévage all playing a role while still demonstrating a familial resemblance. Catherine and Pierre are fighting the good fight in a competitive market, adding work to their busy days all in the name of authenticity. Their Perrieres is from 40 year old vines, and this 1986 is still drinking beautifully.

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