Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Saturday in the Rhone - à la provençale!

Cecile & Mauricio hosted  us for lunch today at their home in Sablet.  After a foggy walk through the vineyards from our apartment (Cecile owns this – fantastic!, the sun appeared, wines flowed and a delicious French-Italian lunch went on for hours.  The house was owned by her 93 year old grandmother for years and now Cecile has converted it to this lovely modern and colorful cozy home.
Cecile makes and imports wines to the US and Mauricio, her Italian love is in real-estate in the French Riviera. They served fresh pasta with simple tomato and basil, grilled lamb, an assortment of cheese (Mauricio pulled out a special Italian gorgonzola too!) finished with the most delicious strawberry tart I've ever tasted.  We spoke for hours about our love of all things Rhone, Provence & good Italian wines! Ahh, then the walk back through the vineyards induced my first 2 hour nap in ages!  A beautiful day with new friends.  Cheers - Ali

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