Saturday, April 23, 2011

Railroad Revival Tour - 1 Hot Ticket, 4 Cool Wines

Last Thursday night Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show embarked on a tour unlike any in recent memory. "Traveling exclusively in vintage rail cars, the three bands will journey across the American Southwest over the course of a week. The aptly titled Railroad Revival Tour features the three bands playing concerts at  six unique outdoor locations along the route",

I was quick to step up when told "hey we need wine to stock the train bar car for the bands and guests for the 8 day tour", asked my dear pals from Austin who were in charge of the F&B for the Railroad Revival Tour. TexaCali Ali to the rescue...a hard request I know (whatever Mumford & Son's has been rocking my house for quite some time now!). 

The Tour kicked off in Oakland, California last Thursday.  Mother Nature was enjoying the show too, one of the most beautiful nights I've ever seen in NorCal.  The location of the concert was in the train yards almost under the East Bay side of the Bay Bridge. 8,000 fans plus all the bands saw the most glorious sunset over San Francisco, blue skies with streaks of orange and pink for hours. Mind blowing GORGEOUS!

Upon arrival I received a long walk-through of the train, for the most part, each of the compartments were old & classy, the air felt like Cary Grant was going to turn a corner at anytime.   The Chefs were hard a work getting ready for a feast after the show and old-school bartenders were busy helping to situate the wines as well.  

Stan (pictured on the couch here) owns the circa 1941 railroad car that holds the old-timey western bar - which also had handfuls of instruments for the guys to pick up and play at anytime.  The stories from this 8 day Railroad Revival Tour are going to be off-the-hook!   

A big toast @ midnight was scheduled as soon as the train pulled away for their next depot  - San Pedro - outside of LA. I'm sure Superfan & Hollywood Cutie Jake Gyllenhaal was at this show singing along...I wonder if he likes Mumford & Sons more than I do?! Naaahh! 

The entire vibe of the night was so freakin' happy. So many smiles, laughter and hugs backstage.  It was quite a feat for these three bands to create such a grand tour and everyone from the drummers to their little kids dancing on stage were having a total blast.   It was so great to watch the bands from backstage, side stage, inside the train and best of all during the encore set - right on the stage with this group of magical musicians.   Fantastic Fun & one EPIC night for all! 

Stay tuned for more candid wine-photos from the's a peek at the wines the bands are sipping along the way. Cheers to rockin' the tour - and Austin fans - get ready for Tuesday night!! -  Ali

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