Monday, June 21, 2010

What wine blogs do you read?

Calling all TexaCali Wine Trail readers this week...I need your help.  As you know, most blogs list other blogs that are similar in subject, fun to read and/or of interest to the author.  Honestly, I just haven't taken the time over the years to list the gazillion suitable links on this site.   However, now's the time and I've been working on a short list.

Vinography: A Wine Blogfounded by Alder Yarrow was one of the first "Blog Rolls" the "TexaCali Wine Trail" was linked to  (and still is).  At the time - May 2005 my blog was the first in Texas!  Alder's blog boosted traffic to my new site back then,  I still read his blog almost daily. 

What blogs to you want listed on the TexaCali Wine Trail and why do you read them?  I'd love to support other wine bloggers & blogs that make our world a little more interesting.  Please send me your Top 10 recommendations this week.  Thanks in advance for your help!   Changes and updates coming soon...Cheers - Ali


tthorn said...

I like:

Good luck!

Alfonso Cevola said...

some of my faves....

* Amy Atwood~My Daily Wine
* Brooklyn Guy
* David Waddington~Greenville Avenue Wine
* Do Bianchi
* McDuff's Food & Wine Trail
* Reign of Terroir
* Ron Washam-HoseMaster of Wine
* Samantha Sans Dosage
* Vintage Texas

Benito said...

My own blogroll features the wine blogs I read first. Most of the major ones are in there, like Fermentation and Dr. Vino and whatnot. But earlier in the year I made a side project, a separate site focused on southern winebloggers, separated out by state. So if you're interested in your fellow Texas winebloggers (and there are some great ones), check out...

Also, some of my recent favorites are from Atlanta. There's a pretty vibrant scene happening there, with guys like Suburban Wino, Wine Tonite, Atlanta Wine Guy, etc.